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Where is the church?

SRSL is located at 2916 Paris Avenue in New Orleans.


Who is the pastor?

The lead pastor is Father Anthony M. Bozeman, SSJ. Occasionally, we have visiting and guest priests.


What is the atmosphere?

Spiritual, lively and welcoming.


What types of music will I hear?

A mixture of gospel, traditional and African music.


Where can I park?

 There are two parking lots: one behind the church and one by the school. They are both accessible from Abundance Street.  Many parishioners also park on the street near the church. 


What is the length of the service?

It varies, but it's usually between 1.5 to 2 hours.


How is SRSL different?

SRSL is engaging and motivating. You are welcome to clap your hands, respond and praise out loud. Also, SRSL tackles tough subjects, including today's issues.


What can my kids do?

Youth are welcome to participate in youth ministry during church service, where they separate from the rest of the parishioners and learn about the gospel and the Catholic faith.
Youth and young adults are welcome to participate during the Mass in a ministry.
Throughout the year, there are many activities for youth and young adults.


How can I get involved?

Click HERE for a list of ministries.

Click HERE to fill out our New Member Form


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